Thursday, November 01, 2007  
A bit premature...
Days 'til the West is won: 2

I'm still running on a sugar high after trick or treating last night. Pixie sticks and cheap peanut butter candies are awesome - that's for sure. We went just around the block with my 2 year old, but mostly sat at home and let her answer the door in her cat costume and say "twick owr tweat" to everyone that showed up. And while she and her mom did that, I got to watch the Grizzlies and Spurs. Haha. Fun times, yes.

We're on to blogging with the enemy again - just today and tomorrow left. Today's question is which other SEC coach we would want to take the reigns at our program if the current coach were to leave abruptly. Who we would feel could keep us headed in the right direction. Go on over to Pelican State Sports to check out my answer.

If a divinely appointed bolt of purple lightning shot out of the sky, penetrated the LSU football offices and fried one Les Miles, and then the ghost of Paul Dietzel (I think he might still be alive actually) came down and told me that I could have any current SEC head coach as his replacement, who would I choose? Man, what a question. I have broken them down into groups:

The Mike Archer Group:
12. Ed Orgeron – he stomps on villagers and uproots trees, but his team sucks.
11. Sylvester Croom – hey the state of Mississippi sweeps the bottom 2!
10. Bobby Johnson – funny thing is, LSU once hired a coach from Vanderbilt. That didn’t’ work out and this wouldn’t either.

The Mike Dubose Group:
9. Philip Fulmer – a decent coach, and impact on local donut economy would be positive.
8. Houston Nutt – I really don’t know if he is a good coach or not, because I don’t truly understand what kind of platform he works from at Arkansas.
7. Rich Brooks – He turned Kentucky into a pretty good team, so he must be pretty good. Could he coach from a position of wealth, however? I don’t know.

The Mike Shula Group:
6. Tommy Tuberville – I can’t stand the guy, but he is a helluva coach.
5. Nick Saban – Bama fans will think I am showing my bitterness here, but by the time he left, I wasn’t too sad to see him go. A very good coach, but after a while it wears on the players.
4. Urban Meyer – hard to argue with the success he has had, but this year’s inability to develop any diversity in the offense troubles me.

The Mike the Tiger Group:
2. Steve Spurrier – what is not to love about the Ol’ Ball Coach? Ok, except for recruiting. But you gotta love him when he is your coach.
1. Mark Richt – a great coach who is young and would be willing to stay at a place for a while. Those who say he isn’t one of the best coaches in the nation are fooling themselves.

If you wanna hear some big-time pissed off and bitter LSU fans, check out this article. Talk about guys that just can't get over it.

Most of Saban's former LSU players still want LSU to win Saturday, but they don't hate him, like some of the fans. They understood that it was a business decision, but they still wish he had stuck around.

Coach Saban kinda went on a rant in his press conference about how leaving LSU helped him learn about himself and what he wanted to do - he wants to coach college football. He enjoys it more. It helps him teach people more. He mentioned that now that he's seen what it's like in the pros, he won't be so hasty to take another challenge, because he knows what it's like now. -- and he also mentioned that, yes, he does still have friends that are LSU fans, and some of them will actually be at his home on Saturday after the game. It is possible that sometimes people are just friends because of who they are, not what they do.

Well, the Tide went to Indianapolis to meet with the NCAA, so surely we found out something about the 5 players' status for Saturday, right? Nope. AD Mal Moore said the meeting had nothing to do with Saturday's game.

Neal McCready has a REALLY good article about the Tuscaloosa Police Dept, and how they should probably go ahead and get a few more cots ready, because it's a safe bet that the LSU fans that show up on Saturday will have plenty of time to get plastered and start some fights before and after the game. Look for the streets of Tuscaloosa to be bloody by Saturday night. :-)

Apparently Coach Saban isn't the only guy coaching on Saturday. Turns out LSU has this cat called "Les Miles." Hmmm. I like to refer to him as "the Hat." Anyway, read up on him here. Turns out he's an alright dude.

As the headline reads, I was a bit premature with my statement yesterday - Ryan Perrilloux will NOT be making the trip to Alabama, which is definitely good news for us, I think. The other two players involved in the fight were kicked off the team. Read more here.

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