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Weekend rewind....
This weekend was absolutely wonderful. I'm not going to worry about a buncha news and everything today. Yes, the textbooks deal could potentially be huge - just look at Ball St - but until we know some better facts, I'm not going to let it be a distraction. The players didn't let it on Saturday, so we won't let it in the blogosphere.

I told you I had a good feeling over the last few days. Vegas knows what they're doing. Take this for instance. Tennessee opens up as a 2 point favorite over Tennessee in Knoxville 2 weeks ago. The line moves drastically over the week, with Georgia being a 1.5 point favorite by kickoff. Tennessee win 35-14. Alabama opens up as a 1 point favorite over Tennessee. Everybody, again, thinks the linemakers are insane. The line begins to shift. At kickoff, Tennessee was a 1.5 point favorite. Alabama wins 41-17. So for you gamblers, make sure to watch for games like this. Vegas generally knows what they're doing.

And Fulmer's nonchalant attitude toward the loss may have just meant that he knows he's gone after this season. He acted like he didn't even care. But oh's only one game. And since he's won 11 of 14 against Alabama, I guess he can afford to be like that.

Is Coach Saban saying his final goodbyes to Phil? Fulmer looks to be in trouble.

So here we go.

Alabama vs LSU. November 3rd. And this one is for ALL the marbles.

The shot at Atlanta. The idea that everything we dreamed about can still be attained. The chance to knock LSU out of contention for a national championship. A chance to go down in history and be the first team to beat a top 3 opponent in Bryant-Denny Stadium...and if Ohio State loses at Penn State, and BC loses at Virginia Tech this week...the chance to defeat a #1 ranked team in BDS for the first time EVER.

Sooo...if you wanna be at the HUGE game on November 3rd, you need tickets. And tickets are sold out - but you can still pick some up at For LSU fans that are reading up on Bama for the next 2 weeks, buy your tickets at their LSU Tigers section, and for Alabama fans, buy your tickets at their Alabama Crimson Tide section.

Rocky Top Talk did graphs of everything that went in Alabama's favor on Saturday, so go check them out.

John Pruett says that this win validates Alabama as a real threat in the SEC Championship picture. He's right.

Scarbinsky, for once, nails it right on the head. This game against LSU has the feel of a Super Bowl. An extra week to hype it up. Everything up for grabs. And best of all, it's a chance to test out what they used to say about Bear Bryant. He could take his players and beat yours, or he could take your players and beat his with them. Well, if Coach Saban can handle LSU with Alabama's players, then this place may just absolutely go off the deep end. And I can't wait. :-)

The Alabama players went through 5 straight games that came down to the last minute of the game - up until the dismantling of Tennessee. Now, the players are definitely welcoming the bye week to get healed up before facing LSU. It's also good news to get the bye week after a very emotional game - as we've witnessed with LSU at Kentucky after beating Florida, and Kentucky vs Florida after beating LSU.

Rankings don't matter - at all - but it's still fun to look at. After everybody kinda wrote us off as a 7-5 football team, we are now back in the polls at #22 in the AP, #24 in the Coaches, and #24 in the BCS. Check it out here.

LSU's last second touchdown pass was ridiculous. Les Miles didn't even know what was going on. At least that's my guess, because had the ball been batted up in the air, or juggled for a minute, or, well, anything, really, then LSU loses without even a shot at a field goal to win it. But, alas, Miles is playing like he has nothing to lose - and I'm willing to bet it's because he's already got another job lined up. Mark my words.

Florida made Kentucky look like Kentucky again. Tebow is Superman. Everyone else is just a pawn in their system. If they don't make it to Atlanta, I will be VERY shocked. Funny thing - Tennessee could still win out, since we know how bad South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Vandy really are. But there again, wouldn't it just be hysterical for all of those teams to beat Tennessee? That's possible as well.

Ole Miss fans here in Memphis are saying that their game against Arkansas was the worst coached game in the history of Ole Miss athletics. Now, don't say I didn't warn you. It looked like Coach O spent more time complaining about officiating this week than actually gameplanning to stop McFadden and Jones, who combined to run for 4,051 yards on the Rebels, on their way to 44-8 drubbing. Coach O could be gone after this season, because it seriously looks like they may not get a win in the conference.

South Carolina's loss to Vanderbilt was anything but understandable. Giving up 17 points to Vanderbilt in your own stadium is one thing, but to not be able to score a touchdown AT ALL on their not-so-vaunted defense is just embarrassing. Spurrier really screwed this one up by messing with the QB rotation again. After Chris Smelley was really getting a feel for the offense, and this team had been crushing other teams on their way to a #6 ranking in the polls, they drop a game, at home, to Vanderbilt, thanks to the swapping of Blake Mitchell and Chris Smelley. Hey OBC, pick one and stick with it.

Cal lost at UCLA. And we thought Tennessee was Jeckyl and Hyde, y'know? UCLA lost 44-6 at Utah, and 20-6 at home to a HORRIBLE Notre Dame team, but is still undefeated in Pac-10 play. So what exactly does that say about the Pac-10?

Ohio State will probably lose at Penn State this week. Boston College will probably lose at Virginia Tech this Thursday.

Everyone, go ahead and hope beyond all hope, that Oregon and Arizona State both remain unbeaten this weekend so that Gameday will make a return trip to Autzen Stadium on November 3rd. I don't want to risk that crew being here for a HUGE ballgame again. Oregon has to play USC, in Autzen, this weekend, and Arizona State has to play Cal, in Sun Devil Stadium. If one or both lose, look for Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso to make a STRONG push to come back to Tuscaloosa. I think both of these guys want to be at that game.

Melvin Ray kinda let the cat out of the bag when talking about his official visit to Alabama. "I will be taking an official visit on December 7. Star Jackson and Julio Jones will be there, so we will get to know each other better." Not to mention the fact that Julio Jones cancelled a visit to the LSU / Auburn game, and didn't go to the FSU / Miami game so he could come to the Alabama / Tennessee game.

Comments: Please Bear, "As I pray." Do Not Let GameDay come back to T-Town...PLEASE...Stop the Jinx!

SFC Roll Tide
Fort Knox, KY
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