Wednesday, October 03, 2007  
Wednesday warrior...
...right here. Can't even begin to figure this week out. The last two days I've been sore as ever, then, this morning, my allergies are acting up some kinda bad. Eyes are all puffy, nose is stopped up. It's just bad.

Maybe it's the fact that I have to come to work. Or maybe it's because I spent last night at the Liberty Bowl watching two of the worst teams in D-I football - Marshall and Memphis. When I say these teams are bad, I'm talking REALLY bad. I'm talking down 49-0 before they ever scored on Central Florida bad. I'm talking two teams that didn't have a single D-I win between them in seven games.

But, alas, the game ended up being somewhat exciting. The only reason Memphis won is because Marshall was that much worse. But it was a good thing for a team struggling through a lot of adversity, with a teammate being murdered 48 hours prior to the game, and the fact that this was their 3rd game in 11 days (and 2nd in 5 days). Showed a lot of character, even if they're not the most talented kids in the world.

4-star tight end Tyler Edwards grew up an LSU fan, and his parents are LSU fans...but we're one of his top 2, along with the Tigers. "You can just tell [Alabama's] 4th-quarter ready this year...they've really improved." Read more here.

Rush Propst says Alabama fans should be standing behind their quarterback, rather than dragging him down. He also mentions that he has more faith in this coaching staff than any Alabama has had since the Bear. Read more here.

Houston is gearing up to take on Alabama this weekend. They appear to be ready to go - they want a big win to show where their program is headed. Read more here.

It looks like Brandon Deaderick will be starting in Bobby Greenwood's place on Saturday. Greenwood is out with an injury. Hopefully it won't be too long.

It's incredibly obvious to everyone that watches this football team, but Coach Saban pointed out, again, that we need the running game to improve drastically.

While the '06 and '07 seasons are appearing similar, it's fair to say that the attitude in the fans has changed from last season to this season, starting with the word "hope." Read more here.

Brian Motley enjoyed playing this past Saturday against Florida State, and is definitely ready for a bigger role this weekend against Houston. Read his story here.

So, we all learned a valuable lesson on Saturday - make sure you do what you have to do during the week so you can play on Saturday. It's just like at work. Get done what you need to get done, so that way you don't have to come in and work on the weekends. Lionel Mitchell didn't put everything he had into practice during the week, so he didn't get to play on Saturday. That may have had something to do with us losing the football game, but we won't blame it ALL on that. Read more here.

Houston's offense is one of the best in the country, so our defense is going to have their work cut out for them. And yes, the possibility does exist that we could get beat for Homecoming this year. Read more here.

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