Tuesday, January 02, 2007  
10am EST deadline tomorrow...
Anyone that thinks that Saban hasn't made up his mind is just being ridiculous.

You've seen how insane football fans can be. It's no secret where he lives in Miami. Have you ever seen a coach announce that he's leaving, and then stay in his home for a while?

Something like this points to him leaving for Alabama. WH holding a press conference to announce "oh yeah, that deadline I had for him to decide by this afternoon...yeah, I'm gonna be cool and let him wait until tomorrow morning to make a decision." No NFL owner is going to give a guy with a losing record any more time to mull over an offer like this one. He could be a nice guy who is allowing him time to clear out his office and get to T-town where his family will be safe before they announce the decision, but that's about as far as "being nice" goes. Look at the Steelers, who want a decision NOW on whether or not Cowher is retiring. They don't have time to wait, and neither do the Dolphins.

If there's going to be a press conference at 10am EST (9am CST), I have a feeling it's going to be from Tuscaloosa in the morning...not Miami.


Comments: Sources close to me (my wife) think he's coming b'cause, why would he wait 'till tomotrrow if he intended to stay - why delay an announcement that you're going to continue doing what you were doing? I hope she is right, I've wanted NS from moment one! But, play the devils advocate for a minute and act like you are a fin fan, tell me why he won't leave. My best guess is that he has a belief that he can accomplish what he went to MIA to do and that the jury is still out and wont return for at least 2 more years. I could respect him for that even as badly as I want him at Bama. Now, the important thing I want to ask everyone in my extended Bama Family is to brace yourself for the worse. If he comes EVERYTHING will take care of itself, EVERYTHING! And if/when he leaves in four to six years, Jimbo F will be the successor. My worry is that we get stood up at the alter again and the whole friggin world picks up the "nobody wants to coach at Bama BS again" because it is just that, BS. I hope NS comes BUT if he doesn't it will not be the end of our world - no sir, we are on the rise Brother and NOBODY is keeping Bama from taking her rightfull place at the big table - NOBODY!!

Roll, Tide, Roll!!
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 8:49 PM   you've got it right my friend. :-)

if, for some reason, he declines the offer, then there are a dozen other great head coaches that would LOVE to come to Alabama.

But I don't think we have to worry about that.
# posted by Blogger Broken Music Box : 9:14 PM   This all sounds a lot like we were all saying the night before RR had his press conference at WV.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 9:52 PM   Its a meeting with WH at 10AM, at the DOlphins facilities, look at WH's quote. It looks horrific for Bama, we have been played by 3 Sexton agents.
# posted by Blogger 4SEAM : 10:01 PM   Go to the tidesports boards. Plenty of posts oiting to Saban staying.

We have been used 3 times, Spurrier, RR, and Saban so they could get some mor emoney for them, their staffs, better facilities, commitment, power, and consolidation of their programs.

All 3 look like heroic men of virtue turning down evil Bama's cash, to stay with their players etc. Recruiting, signing of some FA's, and their current roster's of players now will respect them even more, be loyal, and turst them entirely.

"I stayed for you" etc.

Malfunction neds to be fired.
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